Our Policy

Service & Exchange Policy

1. No charge for estimation – If for whatever reasons you do not like our price an item will be returned to you with no charge for our time spent for the estimation.

2. Full 6 month warranty coverage – Some companies cover only replaced component (s). Regardless whatever is the initial problem and whatever is replaced the entire device is covered by our warranty as long as the device has not been abused, such as, water damage or the application of the wrong power. It does not matter how much time and material we spend to fix your item, the cost is the same. Our flat-rate policy covers all required material, labor, and warranty.

3. On time and on budget delivery – You can send us any number of boards for service. We will repair them and keep them on our shelf until your request for shipment is made. We bill you only after an item is shipped. There is no charge for this service.

4. We offer a rush service – For an extra small fee your units will be shipped no later than 48 hours after they are received.

Our prices are not set in stone. There will be an additional discount available for each item we receive from you in a six-month period. The total amount of items will determine the percentage discount you will receive. If you have any questions please give us a call.

Exchange Program

We offer exchange program. There are hundreds of items including motor drivers, motherboards, displays, monitors, controllers, transmitters, and many others ready to be delivered at the moment of your call. If we do not have something you are looking for in our stock, we will find it for you.

Here are just a few simple rules that implement the exchange program.

1. The requested item’s will be shipped to you on the same day, if the order is received before 2 p.m. Eastern Time. We will call back to inform you of the availability of the item and status on processing your order.

2. We require you to ship your item’s, Next Day Air, that same day. We must receive your item’s during the morning of the next day to allow time to repair it and have it ready to ship to another customer.

3. Our invoice will be printed two days later and reflect only exchange price if your item arrived before at correct time. Your account will be bill an extra if:

  • an item is returned disassembled, in this case you will be charged for the technician time to assemble the unit.
  • an item is returned with missing component’s, the cost of components to replace those missing will be charged
  • an item is returned but not on the “next” day.
  • 10% of the exchange cost will be added for each day the item is returned late. Delays due to the carrier (UPS, FedEx, or other) mishandling will not be charged.
  • Item came back in non-repairable condition. We will charge you (with your permission) as the cost a new one or you will return our item back.


Our prices for most items are on average 15% less than advertised by our competition. Many items are available from our stock and ready to be shipped on receipt of your order. Items are available for exchange marked by the exchange price on the left side of the column.

Our inventory exceed $10M and includes a various items (PC boards, motor drivers, CRT-monitors, displays, meters and etc.) for Bailey, Hayssen, Woodman, Yamato, Ishida, VIDIOJET/ADC, APC, Klokner, A.M. Lock, Allen-Bradley, Modicon, Texas Instrument, Rosemount, Bailey, Intel, GE, GTE, Analog Devices, Arvin Diamond, ASEA, Barber Coleman, BEI, Cissell, Cincinnati Inc, Square D, CMC, Cutler Hammer, Datel, Emerson, Fenwal, Foxboro, Frymaster, Gould, Henry Penny, Inland Motor, Incoe, Intecolor, Inland Motor, Jenson, JF Micro system, KB Electronic, Kay-Ray/Sensall, Labod, Kone, Leeds & Northrup, Lantech, Lambda, Lovejoy, M.N.A.-Roland, Marsh, Merrick Scale, Micro system, Miki Pulley, MMATS, Moister System, Moog, Motorola, NEC, Omron, Philips, Prologic, SECO, SICK, Skan-A-Matic, Telemecanique, Thayer, Toledo Scale, Wascomat, Washex, Westinghouse, Woods, Yokogawa, and hundreds more.

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