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VLADIMIR A. SHVARTSMAN, Ph.D. (President & CEO to Electronic Design and Research Inc)


  • University of Jdanov, Department of Electronics;
  • University of Jdanov, Department of Electronics, BSES in Industrial Electronics
  • University of Leningrad, Department of Biomedical Cybernetics, MS
  • Postgraduate – Jdanov Memorial University Ph.D. in Biophysics
  • Telemetry System Vniversity of Louisville, Speed School, Kentucky Microcomputer Experimental design.

Corporate management, basic research, R&D management, analyzing fmdings, designer, writing technical articles and proposals, etc.

  • Biomedical related Research:
  • Automatic arrhythmia detection,
  • Optical analysis of exhaled air,
  • Non-invasive analysis and monitoring of ICP,
  • Real-time evoked potential detection and analysis,
  • Real-time non-invasive detection of the Bundle of His,
  • Communication (frequency-hopping, telemetry),
  • Analog data compression,
  • Localization of the Ventricular Ectopic focus and its
  • Elimination using laser beam irradiation,
  • Hospital/industrial security and communication systems, Etc.

Biomedical Engineer/Research Associate, University of Louisville Dept. of Medicine, Division Of Cardiology, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Supervised a team working on a theory for a multichannel signal processor; assigned to develop and supervise the cardiology research laboratory; engineering developments, conduct experimenting and perform heart catheterization, data collection, processing and interpretation, preparation, and writing scientific articles. Guiding technique for precise laser interventions applied to the myocardium; New signal processing technique for non-invasive detection of His-Parkinje activities; Technique (micro-heat) for accurate closed chest experimental infarct (on animal model); Study of the electrical activities of His Bundle area.

Senior Biomedical Engineer/Research Associate, Research Institute of Pathology and Therapeutics of Physiology and Pathology of Higher Nervous Activity, USSR

Supervised engineering/technical stuff, conducted research. Studying “The influence of stress conditions on processing of information by the cerebral”; Studied the ability of the selective part of cerebral to a new function; Developed, assembled and operated multichannel telemetry system and analog/digital analyzer to perform that research.

Electronic Engineer/Research Associate, Leningrad Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, Department of Molecular Biology, USSR.

Development, assembling and operating sophisticated (r) scientific instruments. Studying Biochemical protection against radiation poison. Devised, assembled and operated a very highly sensitive paramagnetic resonance spectrometer; Developed, designed and assembled a device to measure the quadruple movements of long molecular compounds.


  • Multiple Parallel Input Noise Reduction System, U.S. Patent No.4,300,101
  • Fundamental And Harmonic Pulse-Width Discriminator, U.S. Patent No.4,692,710
  • Parallel Input Signal Processor For low-level Signal, High Noise Environments,U.S. Patent No.4,692,709
  • Telemetry Tracking And Monitoring Security System, Patent pending
  • Personal Warning System, Patent Pending
  • Universal Personal Tag, Patent pending
  • Autolog, Patent pending
  • Sequential analog data compressor; Paten Pending
  • Time-Variant, Ideal High-Pass Filter, Patent Pending
  • Pump-Start Solid State Ballast; Patent Pending
  • High-resolution F-to-V converter; Patent pending


MH ROI HL 19768-04 (06/80-12/82) :
Role: Recording and Analysis of Low Level Cardiac Signals.

KY Heart Association (27/80-27/81) :
Role: Creation and Localization of Artificial Ectopic Cardiac Foci.

Principal Investigator
U.S. AMRDC; DAMD-7-84-C-4034 :
Role:The Multichannel Signal Processing Technique Based on Logical Cleansing.
NIH 1 R43-HL33059 U.S. AMRDC; DAMD-17-85-G-5030 :
Role: Time-Variant Data Compression and Retrieval Computer Graphics Control System

In Total the PI has published 86 papers.

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