Jensen Terminal/Interface Board 424100X

To all users of Constellation Micro Plus Model 468, 469 Crossfolders, Future Folder, by JENSEN Corporation

Jensen 424100... Model 469

New EDR Interface / Terminal board now available to replace Jensen’s P/N 42410 and any other modifications
(such as 4241001, 4241002, 4241003, 4241004, 4241005, etc.)

EDR Model number 82532 Interface / Terminal board

We at Electronic Design & Research continue to expand our OEM replacements for old and obsolete parts by introducing a new Interface / Terminal board, P/N EDR-82532.

Jensen’s P/N 4241005 PC board was designed around a single-chip microcomputer (HD637B01V0) by HITACHI. This design has created an enormous expense to repair. The software burn-in for the microcomputer has a security protection making it impossible to make a copy and burn the software into another HD637B01V0. It is unfortunate that the design did not provide sufficient protection against static damage. Many PC boards are coming to our facilities for service and 4241005 with a damaged microcomputer were shipped back unrepaired.

Our customers begged for help and EDR’s management decided to invest in developing a new PC board with 100% compatibility for the software and hardware (hook-ups). After several months of extended R&D and testing procedures a new EDR-82532 design with a microprocessor HD63B03RP was manufactured. A new microprocessor uses an external memory to hold the software. During the past 10 months the first batch of 50 was sold. Customers called with great appreciation and satisfaction.

We offer our standard 14-month long warranty for a new board.The cost of repair is much less due to available components.

The EDR-82532 replaces any version of P/N 42410 by Jensen.


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