Active Notch Filter

Introduction for the 50/60Hz notch filter:

multi-notch (comb) reject filter The EDR 82534 is a low cost, multi-notch (comb) reject filter for low frequency signal applications.  A Power interference or band stop filter is an important and needed sub-component to design and build medical recording systems where minute bioelectric signals, on the order of mill volts to microvolts are measured.  In the operation room, the cath lab, or in research facilities there is always a substantial level of electrical interference produced by local power lines.  EDR’s filter is not just a notch filter; it is a significant advancement in analog/digital filtering technology.
(Also available as a complete unit PLAF-01)


EDR Part Number EDR 82534 EDR 82534A
Dynamic Range 85 dB 85 dB
Max 3db Notch Bandwidth < 0.5 Hz < 0.7 Hz
Attenuation at 60Hz > 32 dB > 50 dB
Gain Unity Unity
Input/Output Impedance 100K / 1 ohm 100K / 1 ohm
Maximum Input Voltage +/- 5V +/- 5V
DC Offset < 3mV < 3mV
Supply Voltage +/- 12V +/- 15V
Supply Current 5 mA 8 mA max
Bandwidth DC 500Hz DC 1200Hz
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50° C 0°C to 50° C
Cost Obsolete Please contact us for current price.

Application notes available in (PDF) format


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