OEM Medical Products

Hospital & Biomedical Equipment:

Product Brief Description
PASN-12m 12 channels, programmable neurological stimulation system
SPMC-4E-1000 4-channel software programmable time interval measurement plug-in board
SBS-180 Single Board Stimulator for OEM application
SCF-8 Battery powered (up 2 years) signal conditioner
F50/60 50/60 KHz Comb Reject Filter (eight channel)

Super-Sensitive ECG (Real Time Bundle His Detector)

Product Brief Description
BHE-08 BUNDLE HIS ENHANCER – Multichannel Signal Processor for fields of (Cardiology, Neurosurgery and Anesthesiology)
MERCE-1 Multi-sensor, silver plated suction electrode set


Product Brief Description
PDS-5m Dual Programmable Cardio-Stimulator
PAS-6m Programmable Automatic Cardio-Stimulator
PCSD-200 Semi-portable Intelligent Cardio-Stimulator
PCSD-200a Semi-portable Intelligent Cardio-Stimulator advanced

Additional Options for the PCSD-200 and PCSD-200a

Product Brief Description
EDR200001 Rack-mounted enclosure
EDR200410 Battery powered, up to 8 hours, only for r/mount
EDR200380 High current (up to 180 mA), high voltage (up to 180 V)output pulse plug in board.
EDR200320 Plug-in board provides an opto-isolated DC-400 Hz band width output signal onto rear mounted connector. This option permits recording input signal on ECG recorder.
EDR200211 Extension cord with a single output and input
EDR200215 Extension cord with five controllable outputs and signal input.
EDR200101 Extra user manual
EDR200102 Troubleshooting manual
EDR200201 Power Cable. 8-ft., 3-wire (NEMA with transparent connectors)

Portable Heart Rate Monitor

Product Brief Description
RHYTHM-8 Programmable personal physical fitness aid
RHYTHM-8/R Heart rate monitor with built-in FM/AM radio


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