Full-Bridge Drivers

Louisville, KY USA – February 12, 2012, EDR Inc., the leader in Solid-State Modules, announced availability of High-Speed Full-Bridge Isolated (HS-FBI) Drivers usable in many industrials applications like solenoid drivers, brush DC motors, DC/DC converters, Piezo Drivers, and Thermoelectric Cooler (Peltier) Elements (TEC), etc. EDR made drivers offering low cost motion control and proven to be a reliable option for a wide variety of applications like robots, office automation products, industrial X-Y tables and medical equipment.

Assembled in a 1.95”W X 3.95”L X 1.2”H aluminum die casting, panel-mounting enclosure, drivers (H7GvvDaa/e) are capable of delivering up to 4.5kW continually (30kW pulse), with a highest frequency to 400KHz, and shortest pulse-width of 400nS. Drivers of that family sustain voltages from 20V to 1,500V and require 5VDC or 12VDC for the internal logic. Three essential controls Direction, Brake, and Enable (as PWM input) are CMOS/TTL compatible. The new HS-FBI devices are full-bridge MOSFETs drivers employed with intelligent gate drive design, resulting in an extremely high efficiency of these drivers. There is no need for a heat sink, which makes them good candidates for energy efficient applications, while PWM abilities support enhanced design flexibility and precision control.

Cost of a driver depends on the model, for an example, p/n EDR83207/3 or H7G60D24/12 (60VDC/24A) costs $194.00 ea/100.


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