JAN 2, 2021
Neural-Cell Technology
The Super-High Resolution Electrocardiograph SHR-EKG. Read More

JUN 30, 2018
SHPSA-1000A650, mega power Solid State Switching Apparatus
Louisville, Kentucky, USA - Electronic Design & Research, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of VS Holding LLC, announced the delivery a SHPSA-1000A650, mega power Solid State Switching Apparatus configured as a SPDT&N (or SPCO) switch for a high-current ATE tests to MET Laboratories, Inc. Santa Clara, CA, USA. It rated at 1000Arms & 650V and delivers 300kW (average) and 1.5MW pulses. Switches installed for handling 650VDC (380VAC) & 1000A. Built-in adjustable pulse generator, once triggered, would deliver 10mS pulse. An external pulse generator can be use for generating all kind of waveforms. Inquiries are welcome and for your unique application that required a different voltage, current or speed, do not hesitate to send us an email to:

MAR 13, 2018
Registered Trademark
Electronic Design & Research Inc. announced today of achieving a registered trademark on its logo from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Read More

JUN 1, 2016
DPDT-D relays - DPDT (2C Form 2B) family of SSRs mimicking 100% comparable electromechanical relays
Electronic Design and Research Inc., a leader in developing and manufacturing innovative Solid-State Modules announced the availability of DIN rail mountable SSRs for replacement of electromechanical relays with intention of greatly extending trouble-free operation of production lines. Devices are available with the output contact rated at various voltages and currents for DC and DC/AC voltages. Read More

MAY 23, 2016
“xTxL” family of SSRs with high precision, wide hysteresis window comparator
EDR/VSHOLDING announces the “xTxL” family of SSRs with high precision, wide hysteresis window comparator and varied contact forms rated at various voltages/currents. The xTxL relays can work directly off a control signal, if it can provide 10 mA current. If a control signal is a low power 10uA or so, an external power source of any voltage from 5.0 V to 36.0 V and 10 mA is required. Threshold and hysteresis are set during production. Read More

MAR 29, 2016
iMDxx family - Isolated Brushed DC Motor / Piezo driver with Power Ratings up to 21KW
EDR/VSHOLDING introduces a new family of isolated Brushed DC Motor drivers based on H-bridge configuration can be used for driving Brushed DC motors, power converging or driving a Piezo transducer with doubling power. Read More

MAR 1, 2016
DIN Rail mounted Solid-State Relays/Switches and Drivers
EDR/VSHOLDING announces DIN Rail mounted SPST, SPDT, DPST, SPDT&N Solid-State Relays/Switches and half & full-bridge drivers. A wide range of devices are available off the shelf and are rated at a variety of output voltages, output currents, input control voltages and power requirements. Read More

OCT 13, 2015
900V High-Speed H-driver
EDR/VSHOLDING introduces 900 VDC / 9.5 kW 10 ns rise time Full-Bridge ISO-drivers for applications where delivering kilowatts of high-frequency power is a must, such as a voltage booster to piezoelectric transducers and DC/DC converters, bidirectional PWM control, etc. Read More

MAR 11, 2015
Ultra-Fast I-V Biases Generator
EDR, Inc/VSHolding announces third generation Ultra-Fast I-V Biases Generators (UFBG) designed for real-time MRI, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) and Ultrashort TE (UTE) Imaging. Electronic Design & Research has added one more family of devices to its product line featuring UFBG-602/A/6kV [P/N EDR88111/A/H6] intended for delivering biases power to PIN diode for removing ripples in receiving RF Coil during advanced MRI/MRS/UTE data acquisitions. The IV Biases Generators are successfully used by researchers including GEHC, Synaptive Medical Inc. and others. Read More

DEC 9, 2013
High Power Panel Mount Relay. Low control power consumption. Requires no heat sink at the rated current.
Electronic Design & Research Inc has introduced the μDPL, SPST-NO, panel mount relay series to their industrial solid-state devices product line. These relays are ideal for high power applications. Voltages up 1,500VDC and current up to 150A. Low control power of only 1.4mW at 2.8 VDC. Read More

DEC 24, 2012
W1F Highspeed DPST/SPDT relays/switches
EDR/VSholding Announces the first shipment of W1F30D14/5 highspeed (70nS propagation delay) isolated DPST/SPDT relays/switches to DSO National Laboratories. Louisville, KY, September 2012: Electronic Design & Research has added “1F and 6F”- families of solid-state devices to its product line. Featuring W1F30D14/5 rated at 30VDC/14A DP ST switch having propagation times of only 70nS with an ultra low pulse width distortion and phase noise lesser then 3nS. EDR83668/2 rated to 300-KHz (burst to 2-MHz) designed for many applications included where improved switching performance is required. Read More

NOV 6, 2012
U.S. Patent Office - Notice of Publication of Application for the "High Efficiency All-Electric Vehicle Propulsion System"
An all-electric vehicle propulsion system using a readily available high frequency AC Motor such as a 3-phase 400 Hz motor. A step-down gearbox increases torque and power thus decreasing the need for a high-power motor. Also, with the controllers of the invention, readily available, inexpensive batteries can be used as a primary source of energy. An efficient C&A-DC/DC step-up converter to power a high-efficiency motor driver can force the AC-motor windings circulate current in a resonance mode at around 220 volts. Read More

SEP 27, 2012
EDR/VSholding Announces New μR2M (1 Form B) and μD2M (1 Form A) Relays Series
Electronic Design & Research Inc has introduced the μR2M and μD2M relays series to their industrial solid-state devices product line. These relays are ideal for interfacing portable and remote equipment to high current applications. Micro-Power Solid-State Relays Output to 3.5kW of AC or DC voltages with a control of only 0.6mW. Read More

Jun 14, 2012
Read about Vladimir A. Shvarstman's book "How to Paint Chickens..." on
“How to Paint Chickens and Other Stories..." This book is a collection of stories on various subjects written during the past twenty years. The absence of leisure time has severely decreased any chance for composing more stories. I’m not getting younger, but with every additional day, I’m working more and longer hours as if I were obliged to deliver an important message.... Read More

May 30, 2012
VSHolding relays used in KTH Racing's electric powered race car.
VSHolding LLC is proud to announce that the EDR83429 relay is currently being used, by KTH Racing, in the pre-charge and discharge circuits of their KTHR9e electric powered race car.... Read More

Mar 25, 2012
Interview with Vladimir A. Shvarstman - How to Paint Chickens and Other Stories or The Way life was and How It Is Now
Today, Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is pleased to interview Vladimir A. Shvartsman who is here to talk about his new book “How to Paint Chickens and Other Stories”. Vladimir was born and lived in the Far East part of Russia until his family, when he reached fifteen, moved to the western part of Russia.... Read More

Mar 24, 2012
How to Paint Chickens and Other Stories - Book Review
An Interview with Vladimir A. Shvartsman. Interviewed by: Gary Sorkin, Pacific Book Review. PBR: Today we have the pleasure of being with author Vladimir A. Shvartsman, who just published is book titled, How to Paint Chickens and Other Stories, with an alternative title The Way My Life Was, and How it Now. Privitt (Russian: Hello) Vladimir.
VAS: Gary, if you wouldn’t mind, I want to edit your Russian. It should be Privet. In any case, Dobrogo Dnya (Russian: Good Day), to you and all people who would read the interview. I’m glad for having an opportunity to discuss my books and live here in USA.... Read More

Mar 8, 2012
Fog Light Relay
EDR82966 - 12VDC, 9A Relay. This device is a modified 30VDC/9A relay and belongs to the family of DPST/SPDT miniature Solid-State Relays. Utilizes only 0.75 sq. in. of PCB area and only 1.25” tall 9A continuously current and no heat sink is required 40 A pulse in a miniature package Low power control input, and EMI free operation 18A is a maximum continues current, 1% duty cycle 0.007 Ohms on-state resistance at 25oC Leakage typ. 1.0 mA at 25oC and 100 mA at 100oC at 16V... Read More

Nov 18, 2011
Full Bridge Drivers
The third generation of all-voltage, opt- isolated, full-bridge (Hdriver) drivers designed for delivering up to 4.5kW in a 1.95”W x 3.95”L x 1.2”H panel mounting enclosure. It is designed to control various devices such as intelligent toys, DC motors, robots, micro-cooling solution for Lasers, solid-state heat pumps, thermoelectric coolers based on Peltier elements, power tools, and spring-less Diaphragm Valves and solenoids. The input controls are fully 3,750V isolation allowing simple and effective interfacing of two independent power-based sources... Read More

Nov 8, 2011
Super High-Power Switching Apparatus (SHPSA)
EDR Inc. is proudly introducing the first of its kind: a super high-power switching apparatus (SHPSA-xx/vv) capable of delivering megawatts of energy in microseconds and tens of kilowatts continuously. Depending upon the components it is designed with, the apparatus works with either DC/AC voltage or DC voltage for a wide range of educational, scientific research, industrial and defense related applications... Read More

Apr 30, 2011
Panel Mount DPG Series
Panel Mount, Relays/Switches for DC and DC/AC. DPG100D32/5 - Powerful, Fast Solid State Switchfor DC Designed to deliver 20kW of power in microseconds. Utilizes only 4 sq. in. of area and only .9” tall 32A continuously or up to 200A-pulse in a miniature package High sensitivity, even at high switching frequencies 1000A surge current and only 0.006 Ohms on-state resistance... Read More

Apr 6, 2011
4000V Super-Fast SPDT Switches
NanoSeconds rise/fall time, 4000V push-pull switch. This switch belongs to the family of push-pull switches consists of two alternately controlled solid-state switches, which in turn are made up to a large number of high-speed MOSFETs isolated each other connected in series. The rise and fall times at the switch output are virtually the same and that allow generating an extremely precise, high-voltage, true square-wave pulses... Read More

Feb 17, 2009
Fuzzy-logic, noise-free, f-SPDT Solid-State Drivers
A unique feature of an f-SPDT driver is a fuzzy- logic control and power source for the internal logic and drivers. The control input designed for the maximum application flexibility and simplicity in interfacing. It is a high impedance input and any 5V CMOS logic can be used to control it. The best result can be obtained with tri-state output logic, like bus-driver IC chips or CPUs. The control input has three defined levels, as that can be seen on the figure, below: 0-1.7V, 1.9-3.2V, and 3.4-5V. That voltage variation allows targeting control any one of terminals or turn “OFF” the driver (terminals) all together... Read More

Aug 4, 2008
Full-Bridge Drivers (H-Switch) for DC Motors
EDR’s H-driver family of drivers provides significant competitive advantage in the power driver market. An internal precision timer controls a “dead” time between the CW and CCW and provides true break-before-make commutation that allows driver a high-speed solenoid and not to worry about a shoot-through current. The enable input is a dual function control. It disables both outputs (terminals) and cuts external power consumption to the minimum (stand-by)... Read More

Jul 7, 2008
Super-High Power SPST Relays/Switches
A super-high power relay/switch of the D9G -family designed around a few essential blocks, such as an array of high-power MOSFETs and its drivers, opto-isolated driver, an adjustable square-wave generator, a triangle-wave generator and comparator for PWM control, control logic and required power supplies. Offered options allow creating of a device specifically fitting various industrial and military applications... Read More

Feb 28, 2008
Reflections Of Life

Dec 28, 2007
Switching Roles
Vladimir Shvartsman, president and CEO of Electronic Design & Research Inc., has had his share of struggles. Labeled a dissident in his native Russia, Shvartsman fled from his homeland nearly three decades ago in search of freedom and a better life... Read More

Dec 12, 2007
Very-Slope Piezo Driver-200
The VSPD-200 is an isolated push-pull or ½-bridge driver built around the Fuzzy-logic driver p/n EDR82909 to accommodate D3L-, D3G-, D3F-, and D3S- families of switches manufactured by EDR Inc. Large varieties of switches offered with a various output voltage and current to satisfy various industrial applications, up to 1700V relays made with MOSFET’s and up to 2500V with IGBT. Shoot-through protection is integrated to prevent both outputs from conducting simultaneously. The input does the best interfaces with three-state logic. Read More

Jun 4, 2004
U.S. Patent No. 7,304,828 Intelligent Solid State Relay/Breaker
The AC/DC Intelligent Solid-State Relay/Breaker (iSSR\Breaker) power module of the present invention is a multi-terminal device and comprises of a number of paired fieldeffect devices (such as MOSFETs, IGBTs, etc.) connected in such manner that can commutate either DC or AC power; and an input interface circuit, and a central processing unit (CPU); and an input/output circuitry (I/O); and an address storing and selecting circuitry (AS&S); and a number of signal processing (SP) circuitry, and an isolated DC/DC converter with a multiple isolated outputs, and a number of drivers (DR)... Read More

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