Analog Building Block

Analog Building Block replaces solid state relay, high pass filter, low pass filter
Part Number (EDR82536)
New Universal Voltage Controllable Analog Building Block
Dimensions & Operating temperature:

  • 20-pins 1.8" x 1.0"
  • Operation temperature range – 10º C to 50º C

This one state of the art module gives the user a choice of four different devices.

These devices are, a low pass filter, a high pass filter, a variable transconductance amplifier or a fixed gain =100 low noise pre amplifier.



  • compact size
  • voltage controllable high or low pass filters
  • multiple devices in one module
  • low noise amplifier that can be configured as a second order low-pass filter
  • low noise amplifier with 100 gain
  • unity gain for a voltage controllable low-pass filter application
  • wide range of power supply
  • high dynamic range 70db, typ
  • low signal distortion, – 55db, typ
  • wide bandwidth: 500 KHz typ
  • easy to use, SIP design
  • low cost


  • industrial process controls
  • Biomedical measurements
  • data acquisition
  • low level signal amplification
  • seismic wave amplification
  • high performance audio circuitry
  • pulse differentiation
  • ultrasound signal processing
  • automatic gain control
  • voltage controlled oscillator

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