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EDR Life Alert 1000 & 1001 Systems

Security Systems (Life Alert 1000) Combining sight and sound to ensure safety and security in all plant environments.

The EDR 1001 Life Alert System is a state-of-the-art, multi-alarm warning system which combines audible and visual alarm systems to ensure optimal warning coverage in every type of work environment. In the event of an emergency, the EDR 1000 & 1001 effectively reaches all employees in just seconds through the use of audible tones, flashing Xenon strobes and LED alphanumeric display panel.While the system was specifically designed for use in high-noise environments, its use is preferable in any environment.  The EDR 1001's unique warning system helps minimize the panic and confusion so often caused by traditional systems, which depend solely on public address systems to alert employees of emergency situations.And in high-noise environments, it offers assurance and peace of mind to employees who must wear hearing protection.


When the EDR 1001 Life Alert System receives a warning input, the unit’s signal panel sounds a warning siren. At the same time, a Xenon strobe mounted atop the unit begins to emit a flashing strobe at 80 pulses per minute. In addition to the tone and strobe, an LED alphanumeric display panel defines to employees the nature of the emergency, such as “Fire,” “Medical Emergency,” “Evacuation,” “HazMat”, or “Security.” Your industrial environment will determine your message board.

This sound/light/message approach both warns and informs employees, preventing unnecessary panic.


The EDR 1001 Life Alert System may be used either as a stand alone system or as part of an existing warning and control network.


The EDR 1001's central station includes everything needed to create a comprehensive warning and control system: personal computer, multi-task software, voice synthesizer, printer, microphone and communications modem.


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