Power Line Adaptive Filter (PLAF)

Introduction for the Power Line Adaptive Filter

power line adaptive filter (PLAF) EDR’s PLAF (power line adaptive filter) was designed around the EDR 82534 multi-notch (comb) reject filter. The PLAF is a stand-alone unit created for use in the detection of natural electromagnetic waves at remote locations and seismic data collection, biomedical and other scientific and industrial applications. EDR’s notch filter is a very unique device. It substantially reduces electrical noise caused by power sources without altering the waveforms of an input signal.


EDR Part Number EDR82561 (PLAF-01)
Dynamic Range 80 dB
Max 3db Notch Bandwidth <0.7 Hz
Attenuation at power line frequency >60 dB
Attenuation at 1st harmonic >50 dB
Attenuation at 2nd harmonic >24 dB
Attenuation at 3rd harmonic >9 dB
Variable Gain x1, x10, x100
Input/Output Impedance 100 kW / 1 W
Maximum Input Voltage +/-4Vp @ x1
DC Offset <3 mV
Supply Voltage 16 VAC 50/60 Hz
Supply Current 500 mA AC
Variable Bandwidth DC-300 Hz
  DC-3 KHz
  DC-30 KHz
  DC-100 KHz
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